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Best Outdoor Date Ideas in Singapore

Beat the heat with some water activities! 🚣‍♂️💦

Best kayaking spots in singapore

Watch the full video here

This date idea is novel (compared to the usual weekend meal... c'mon!) and can be super affordable.

Here are some Kayaking options for our readers in Singapore:

  • From $8: Kallang Basin – @sgsportshub

  • From $14: Lower Seletar Reservoir – @camelotsg_lswsc

  • From $25: Ola Beach Club – @olabeachclubsg

  • From $98: Pulau Ubin Mangrove – @asiandetours

If Kayaking isn't your thing, we're fans of "Stand up paddling" too!

Stand Up Paddling options you can consider:

  • $35 for 1 hour: Ola Beach Club at Sentosa

  • $50 for 1.5 hours: Adventure Paddlers at Pasir Ris. This is a course, so an instructor is included too!

  • $50 per hour for 4 pax: SUP Ventures at Sentosa. This sounds like a cute double date package to me!

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