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Top 7 Anniversary Gift Ideas

📢 Anybody's Anniversary Coming Up?

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Need an itinerary? Here's the Game Plan:

Morning: Make em' breakfast in bed. Could be a coffee ☕, simple pancakes, fruits, anything!

Lunch: Reserve a sushi place, everybody loves sushi 🍣

Evening: Drive down to the beach to catch the sunset together. 🍹Bring along some pizza and wine maybe?

Night: Hot s*x. The end. 🫡

7 Best Anniversary Gifts

1. A Couple Card Game

Couple card games have been trending, and your partner will 100% love receiving one. It is a great activity to do on the day of your anniversary and will be a meaningful gift to commemorate the growth of your relationship.

Plus, it's definitely not as mainstream and predictable as flowers and chocolate, come on.

2. Couple Portrait Puzzles

Create the perfect gift for your loved ones by eternalizing your precious memories as a unique puzzle photo!

3. Go Glamping or Camping

"Under the stars with you is my favorite place to be."

Enjoy a unique dining & camping experience at Pasir Ris Park under the stars ✨

4. Make a Terrarium

Learn the art of terrarium making & create lasting memories with your special someone.

5. Paint Together

Unleash your inner Picasso with Streaks n Stroke's couple Painting Kits. Perfect as a fun home DIY activity!

6. Photo Album of Memories

Gift the gift of memories by putting together an album of your best moments. Make a box of old polaroids you have taken together before, or print out the most iconic photo of each month you have spent together in your relationship.

7. Matching Couple Items

Matching couple items never get old, and they don't even have to be super obvious! Get matching keychains, phone covers, or a tiny couple tattoo.

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