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7 Relationship New Years' Resolutions for Couples

While you set your new year's resolutions for 2023, don't forget to sit down with your partner to set some important ones with them too.

5 Realistic New Years' Resolutions to set with your partner

1. Try new experiences together

Check off 1 fun, new thing off the list every month:

✅ Learn a new skill - Cooking, pottery, woodworking, surfing, wakeboarding, playing the guitar, golf, the list goes on!

✅ Go on a trip to a country you both haven't been to!

✅ Try a new cuisine together. Ever tried Ethiopian food?

✅ Go on a double date with another couple!

✅ Book tickets to a concert! Have fun at one together.

2. Make intimacy a priority

This can look like making more time for sex, cuddles and kisses, or taking soothing baths together.

3. Let go of old grudges

Look for solutions to your disagreements. This year, there will be no sweeping things under the rug, only honest communication.

4. Say "I love you" more

Have you said 'I love you' enough this year? Keep this in your heart and remind yourself to say this to your partner more to make them feel appreciated.

5. Take a vacation together

Travelling together creates new memories and unlocks each others' adventerous sides. This short period of "living together" can help yo understand one another better too.

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