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Fall In Love Event


Our Key Takeaways ✨

How can knowing about Love Languages improve my relationship?

The 5 love languages are ❤️

1. Words of affirmation

2. Physical touch

3. Quality time

4. Gifts

5. Acts of service

Knowing your partner's love language helps you understand how you can make them feel special and satisfied in the relationship. If your love languages are different from one another, there may be a difference between how you show love and how your partner prefers to receive it. You can then be more intentional about the way you need to show your partner love, and what needs they have.

Healthy couple communication can be cultivated 🫱‍🫲


Some of us struggle with this because we were not taught healthy communication growing up. So, we tend to communicate in the way that was modeled to us since young, not honoring our own needs and respecting our partners.

Try using this framework: DEARMAN

  • D= Describe the facts of the situation

  • E= Express your emotions with an “I” statement

  • A= Assert - Clearly state what you need

  • R= Reinforce - tell your partner what’s in it for them

  • M= Stay mindful, don’t get sidetracked

  • A= Appear confidence

  • N= Negotiate and compromise when necessary

This framework from DBT helps you navigate conversations with ease and achieve your communication goals. 

Resolving conflict in a healthy way ⚔️

Understanding the conflict:

  • Focus on the problem, not the person

  • Use reflective listening

  • Use “I” statements when expressing yourself

  • Know when to take a time-out

  • Work toward a resolution or try to find a compromise that benefits you both

Things to avoid saying during a conflict:

  1. Criticism: Verbally attacking their personality or character. Instead, talk about feelings using “I” statements and express needs

  2. Contempt: Treating your partner with disrespect- eye-rolling, scoffing, name-calling. Instead, find gratitude for your partner’s positive actions

  3. Defensiveness: Victimizing yourself to ward off a perceived attack and reverse the blame. Instead, take responsibility- Accept your partner’s perspective and offer an apology for your part

  4. Stonewalling: When the listener withdraws from the interaction, shuts down, and simply stops responding to their partner. Instead, take a break and spend time doing something soothing or distracting

Love grows  🌱


"Love grows where my rosemary goes...", anybody knows this song? 

Our romantic relationships are one of the most important relationships we will have in our lives. Cherish and nourish it in the ways you know best, and always seek to grow the love you already have for each other.  

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