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Let love grow.

Don't fall in love, grow in love 🪴

"Everything that falls gets broken, and everything that grows gets stronger."

True love does not come by finding the perfect person.
True love comes by learning to see an imperfect person, perfectly.

Our relationships with our significant others are one of the most significant relationships we'll have in our lives. Like everything important, it takes time to grow and nurture. 

No relationship is perfect.
But we are here to help you get as close to perfect as can be.

Our goal is to be a companion, a loving reminder. A simple, fun way to help you build a fulfilling relationship.


We hope our game inspires and nourishes you and your partner, so you can be the best version of yourselves and live your dream life ❤️

Grow better, together

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52 Questions & Activities 

Building a meaningful relationship takes consistent effort. This is why our game is designed for you to bond better over the course of 1 year!

Let us spice up date nights 

Build a better relationship today.

Nicole, New York

May 2022

"Love the concept of having a question & activity every week - it's become part of our new weekly date routine!
My partner and I have bonded more. Highly recommended!
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