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Become an Affiliate 🖐🏻

Thought it couldn't get any better than getting 52 date ideas for the price of 1 date?
Be rewarded for sharing your experience with A Year of Us  ❤️

Let us treat you to a coffee ☕️
Or 10? You decide.

You refer, they receive

Every card game purchased comes with an exclusive plantable card (worth $4)!

Every referral counts

No minimum referrals required to receive a referral reward.

Monthly payouts

Receive monthly payouts in your currency of choice!




Our 2∞ Philosophy

We love love, and our mission is to spread good couple vibes to the ends of the earth!
Why 2∞? Happy couples = 2 happy lives that exponentially affect everyone else they interact with 💑

Our affiliate program is created for couples who enjoy our card game, and want to spread the word about their experience to inspire other couples to build better relationships with us!

TLDR: This is us trying to make the world a more wholesome place in general 🫶🏻


Who can become an affiliate?

Anyone who has experienced the card game & wants to join us on our mission!

How do I sign up?

Leave us a message via our contact form, or drop us an email at

How much commission do I receive?

Affiliates receive 15% commission for every card game purchased.

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